We prefer to give you the opportunity to sit down and meet with us prior to booking. In fact, we'd highly recommend it! Coffee Consultations are a great way for you to get to know us on a personal level and that's what we're all about! We believe that building personal relationships with our clients is essential for delivering unsurpassed entertainment. Think about it, without us ever knowing you, there's no guarantee we'll ever be able to deliver what you want. During this consultation we'll also talk about the specific goals and expectations you have for your special event.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can "DJ's By Johnny B." help me program the right music for my reception?
A. Absolutely! We'll never "tell" you what you should do with your wedding music presentation but, with hundreds of receptions and decades of experience, we'll gladly assist you in making informed decisions about a quality sound track for your reception.
Q. Can I request that particular songs or types of songs NOT be played at my reception?
A. Yes. It's your special day. Some people don't want to hear songs that are either contain bad language or they just don't like a particular style of music (Rap, Country, Heavy Metal...) It's totally your call. Just let us know, in advance and we'll steer clear of it.
Q. Do your DJ's understand that we don't want Metallica playing during dinner?
A. Of course. The usual DJ package is a 5 hour performance. We understand that part of that time we'll be playing "background" or "Dinner Music". With more than 400,000 songs in our library, we know how to create the atmosphere for each event at your reception.
Q. Why should I choose "DJ's By Johnny B." over other local companies?
A. You can, of course choose any DJ company that you'd like. It's not our policy to brag about ourselves or talk bad about anyone else. So, with that said, consider that our DJ's have been staples in the DJ community for decades and have more combined experience than any other company. Virtually every dance floor in greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky has been entertained by us at one time or another. If we're what you're looking for, we'd love to have you as a client.
Q. How do your prices compare with other DJ's in the area?
A. We believe our prices are competitive. We also know you can hire a cheaper DJ than us. But, it has been our experience that a solid company with well-trained DJ's is an investment at any price. You have one shot at throwing a great wedding reception and, at "DJ's By Johnny B." we consider our involvement in your special day, a privilege that requires our commitment to do our best.